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  1. Blue vs Silver

    Poodle Talk
    I know that Blue and Black poodles are born black. So I bought a puppy that turned out to be blue but I had grown to love her while waiting for her. Now I have put a deposit on another day in its day of birth. It was born with silver colored pads, sliver hair between toes and ALL white nails but...
  2. 3 months old toy poodle puppy pukes😭

    Poodle Health
    Hi everyone.First time using the app. I’m so worried right now and it’s very early in the morning, I didn’t know if I should go to the vet right now or wait for a bit longer. My soon to be exactly 3 months old (in 5 days) toy poodle puppy pukes around 5 o’clock in the morning. It started a few...
  3. Meeting breeder- helps and questions!

    Poodle Breeding
    Hello everyone! we are meeting a toy poodle breeder on Sunday and I am very excited. She was recommended by our local toy poodle club and has a good reputation for lovely apricot and red pups. We are travelling about 2 and a half hours to see her so I want to make sure I ask all the questions I...
  4. Poodle parents to be

    Poodle Talk
    Hello everyone, after years and years of pining after a toy poodle we have found that we are in the perfect position to finally add a little one to our lives. I have researched non stop into the breed and contacted our local toy poodle club as well as friends and family members who show dogs...
  5. Toy poodle weight

    Poodle Talk
    Hi I have a tiny toy poodle she is currently only just 1kg ( weighed by the vets yesterday) at nearly 21 weeks that is only 2.2 lbs her parents are both Normal sized toys at 3 and 4kg fully grown my puppy seems to have stopped growing no matter what I feed her she does not gain any more weight...
  6. Right Kong size for Toy Poodle

    Poodle Talk
    Hi! I want to get my pup classic kong toy. On website it says Toy poodle’s size is S. But i read on pinterest, small breeds need medium kongs for stuffing. Which size do you use for your toy poodle ? Thanks for writing back. ^__^
  7. Toy Poodles - AB, Canada

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my dogs. My kennel is TempleCity in AB, Canada, and we primarily raise and show Toy Poodles. Recently, I have dabbled in the Standard Poodle world and love them to pieces as well. Our goals are to raise the bar for health...
  8. New member - Isla the Toy Poo

    Member Introductions
    This is actually post #2 since my first post was a month ago asking for spaying advice. I guess I'm overdue for in intro at this point! This is Isla, she's 8 months and a toy poodle: I brought her over from Moscow in December, when she was around 4 months. We actually bought two poodles...
  9. ISO Toy Poodle in California or surrounding sates

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    H all, I am having a VERY difficult time finding a Toy Poodle to bring into my family. Does anyone know any breeders in California, Utah, Arizona, or Nevada that are reputable? I am finding many scams, but no real leads. I would appreciate any help you all could provide. Thank you in...
  10. Toy poodle breeder in my area?

    Poodle Talk
    Hello, im looking for a toy poodle breeder in TN or surrounding states. Colors preferred are silver, blue and black. Id like to find a breeder that has champions as well if possible. Thank you all!
  11. Feeding my toy puppy food for medium breeds?

    Poodle Food
    Hi! I'm writing here because I really don't know what I should do. Three months ago I wanted to buy a mini poodle, the breeder assured me that I would get my puppy when it reached 2 months. A week before getting her he told me that my puppy is actually a toy poodle (i already paid for her) and...
  12. Wanting to show, need help.

    Poodle Talk
    Hello everyone, I am wanting a toy or miniature poodle and I don’t know where else to go. I’m wanting to do agility and obedience I have looked on the AKC website, have messaged the breeder referrals on said website and have messaged a couple of states poodle clubs. I am so terrified of...
  13. Toy poodle - to spay or not? When is the best time?

    Poodle Health
    Hi all! I just got my toy poodle several months and she recently turned 7 months. I have her signed up for a spay procedure at the local humane society clinic in 1 months time and I believe she is nearing heat, as a lady at the park pointed out her dog was showing high interest in her which...
  14. Did I make a mistake?

    Poodle Talk
    The novice in me put a deposit down on 2 toy poodles but now I’m reading online what a horrible idea it is to get 2 puppies at once. Boy and girl, same breeder different litters. Anyone have a positive or negative experience with toy poodle puppies that they want to share? I’m hoping these...
  15. Buying 2 toy poodle puppies at once, anyone had a good/bad exp they want to share? Boy and girl, Different litters. TIA!

    Poodle Grooming
    The novice in me put a deposit down on 2 toy poodles but now I’m reading online what a horrible idea it is to get 2 puppies at once. Anyone have a positive or negative experience with toy poodle puppies that they want to share?
  16. Anyone recommend a breeder for a toy or miniature puppy for our new dream dog? People dog wanted!

    Poodle Talk
    Hi All, I’d love to get a recommendation on some breeders for a toy or miniature poodle puppy? I’ve read up on some health issues that can accompany this particular breed and the most important qualities for my husband and I are health and temperament. The best dog I’ve ever had was a family...
  17. Feedback on Sara Jane?

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    Hi, I am interested in some of the puppies posted to AKC by Sara Jane. https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/sara-jane-31173 Does any of you have feedback? I appreciate your info!!!
  18. A Furry Little Christmas (video)

    Poodle Pictures
    I'm creating a series of video adventures for my toy poodle Nikki, as a fun little extra for readers who come to my website. (I'm an author.) I thought poodle lovers might especially enjoy it. She's just so cute! Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds63hFjBVwQ
  19. Crazy about my toy poodle

    Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm the proud mama to a toy poodle whose personality is much larger than her tiny body. Her name is Nikki, and she makes me smile every day. I love her so much that I created a page for her on my website, complete with video adventures, lots of pictures, and fun little extras. If anyone's...