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  1. Poodle Talk
    I love this community in the sense, that everyone here seems to understand the concept that there is no “one fits all”, maybe it’s cuz I’ve been on Reddit too long…haha. Too many people seem to think that only one thing will fit for all dogs. For example, dog food or shock collars. In the more...
  2. Poodle Health
    Sorry if this post is scattered. Just had an emergency and you guys saved the day!!! @Pearl Grey and everyone else that commented with advice when her puppy ate the sock... THANK YOU!!!!! I got a call from DH while I was at work. Phoebe jumped up and grabbed his morning pill case. He had no idea...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    I wanted to post my thanks here because I know, from previous experience as a longtime member of a different forum, that people are quick to post negative feedback and not so much with the positive. In a way, new forum members are kinda plopping down in your home to have a chat. If it was a good...
1-3 of 3 Results