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  1. Desperate for help

    Poodle Health
    [Edit by Super Moderator: Removed link from Go Fund Me page] Hi all. My name is Arrietty. The story is in the link, but to keep it brief here, my girl Odile is in a lot of pain, both physically and mentally right now. About two months ago, she tore her CCL while we were playing fetch, but the...
  2. Luxating Patella Surgery - Need Advice

    Poodle Talk
    Hi - I have an eight year old mini poodle who needs to have surgery to repair a luxating patella. I live out in the boonies so I have to drive 4-6 hours to get to an animal hospital. Here's where I need some advice. I have two options: 1. Drive six hours to Seattle and have her treated at a...