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  1. South East SPoo breeders?

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    Hi guys, this is my first post here so forgive me if anything's wrong. In short, I'm looking for a SPoo breeder to get a pup from in a few years (starting my search now since a few people advised me to). I've found 2 breeders that I like in terms of testing, titles, and socialization, but...
  2. Spay SPOO when?

    Member Introductions
    Sheba is our 9mo-old chocolate pudel, joining our family of Sassi, 12.5yr-old blue SPOO, Sparki,11yr-old white male, 6 birds, 2 cats and 5 fish.. FYI all SPOOS after from totally different blood lines. Times have changed since our SPOOs were sprayed and neutered. The question at hand: when...
  3. New puppy cries when we leave the room

    Poodle Talk
    Hi everyone, My partner and I have just got a new standard poodle puppy, she is beautiful! This is our third full day with her so this post may be a bit premature but I was hoping for some advice in regards to teaching her to be left alone as she is crying whenever we leave the room. She has...
  4. Standard poodle - What is involved in becoming a breeder for a male?

    Poodle Breeding
    I have a one gorgeous male standard poodle and would love to know how i can connect him with dames and what is involved in making him a father. He is 2 years old, great character and lineage. We are located in NYC.
  5. Do White Standards Black Nose Commonly Fade to Brown?

    Poodle Breeding
    I am about to put a deposit down on a standard poodle, I have always wanted white but the more pictures and videos I look at, the more I notice white poodles have a black nose that fades to brown over time. Is this common? Is there a way to pick out a poodle who’s nose will stay black it’s...
  6. Toy Poodles - AB, Canada

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my dogs. My kennel is TempleCity in AB, Canada, and we primarily raise and show Toy Poodles. Recently, I have dabbled in the Standard Poodle world and love them to pieces as well. Our goals are to raise the bar for health...
  7. Intro/Update and Reccomendations

    Poodle Talk
    Hey all! I posted on PF a while back with an old account while I was in the process of determining how to move forward in my search for a service dog. I received some thoughtful and helpful replies here that I took to heart, and lead me on a bit of an adventure. Last time I was here, it was...
  8. Life just isn’t the same without a poodle in it - help us find our next family member?

    Member Introductions
    Hello hello! My husband and I said goodbye to our last Standard in November and the holes in our hearts just keep getting bigger and bigger. Our next family member will be our 4th poodle. Our first, Trio, was with us from puppyhood, and then we adopted Luna and Albert when they were seniors...
  9. 14 week Standard Poodle- Reg puppy food vs Large Breed puppy

    Poodle Food
    When we adopted her from the breeder she was eating Wellness complete health puppy- we fed our other poodles (when they were puppies) Merrick puppy (non grain free). We have had her on Merrick for almost a month now and the transition was fine and she hasn't had any upset stomach from it. But...
  10. Bit by Standard Black Poodle - Griffith Park, Los Angeles

    Poodle Talk
    I'm posting this here in the hopes that I can locate the Poodle owner whose Standard black male poodle, well groomed, bit my wife's leg on her way to work at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles on February 19, 2020 around 9:30 am. We just want to make sure the dog is up-to-date on all his...
  11. ISO: Recommended Standard Poodle Breeders near Maryland

    Poodle Breeding
    Hello! ? I'm starting my search for a standard poodle pup. I was glad to find this active community of poodle lovers. ? I've started in on my own research already but I'd love suggestions from the crowd on where to focus my search. I'm near Baltimore, MD and I'm willing to drive to the all...
  12. Sable/Brindle... poodles.. :O

    Poodle Talk
    So after reading that these exist on another thread, I went on google images and got... like 5 pictures and alot were puppies.. and pups dont really help me get an idea of what one would look like as an adult. Certainly someone on here owns/has seen a sable or brindle poodle, can someone please...