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  1. Poodle Food
    I’ve done some research and I think I want to continue feeding my puppy dry food for a while (same as the breeders) then gradually switch to my own choice of a dry and wet food mix. I don’t like the idea of feeding my pup the exact same food every day, is it a good idea to switch up my pups food...
  2. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Does anyone know of any authentic, credible breeders in or around Illinois? I'm finally ready to bring a poodle home and I want to make the most out of this exciting experience! Ideally in the Chicagoland area but I am willing to drive 3-4 hours if needed. I'm looking for a Standard, doesn't...
  3. Poodle Talk
    Hi there, I'm looking for a standard or miniature poodle breeder in Southern California. I'm located in Orange County, but would not mind driving far to San Diego or Riverside. I have emailed a couple of breeders (e.g. Summermist, B-poodle, and Rendezvous Poodles etc.) last week, but did not...
  4. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    I’m planning to get a spoo in a few years and currently am researching and am creating a list of breeders I hope to reach out to. I’ve only been able to find two breeders that breed sable or Phantom that are actually reputable. I’m hoping to stay in California but if I come across a breeder that...
  5. Poodle Pictures
    I thought I would post some pictures of my new puppy from Arreau. This is "Arreau's This Close" Finnegan. He is 10 weeks old!
  6. Member Introductions
    Very excited to be a new member here. Excited to also announce that I will be getting a puppy from Arreau Standard Poodles! I am getting a male from the Naomi x Freedom litter. Waiting to hear which boy will be mine, I wish it was during happier times...but it is bringing me joy during all of...
  7. Poodle Food
    When we adopted her from the breeder she was eating Wellness complete health puppy- we fed our other poodles (when they were puppies) Merrick puppy (non grain free). We have had her on Merrick for almost a month now and the transition was fine and she hasn't had any upset stomach from it. But...
1-7 of 7 Results