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  1. Poodle Talk
    Hello all! I found two breeders that I am looking to get a puppy from: Lido for a red standard puppy and Lakeview for a silver standard puppy. I love both colors 🥰 Is there anything you can tell me to help me decide or simply what would be your preference if you had to choose? Coats soft or...
  2. Poodle Talk
    Wondering if anyone has ever had brown staining on their silver poodles? I noticed that Pluto, my silver mini, has some brown staining near her neck area. I’m not really sure what the stain is from. Her fur was pretty long so I was thinking it was some dirt stain or something. But she recently...
  3. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    Hi all. I paid a deposit for a planned litter with two silver parents. Unfortunately the dam didn’t conceive and her breeding timing has been pushed another 6 months. I can choose from another upcoming litter - but there are no silver parents! The other planned litters have red, apricot or...
1-3 of 3 Results