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  1. Poodle Grooming
    So i have an all white mpoo and heard from his groomer that she uses a whitening shampoo on him and other white dogs. I bought one recently from a grooming shop, nature’s specialty brand (its local, i wanted to help out a local business) and the change is minimal. I wanted to know if it is even...
  2. Poodle Grooming
    Murphy needs a new shampoo because his hair is getting frizzy for some reason? Any suggestions??
  3. Poodle Grooming
    what would you guys recommend for a shampoo for my dog? I'd like to get something chris christensen because I'm already getting the black on black for my black poodle. Theres no allergies and her hair is okay but definitely needs a better shampoo than im currently using. Thank you!
  4. Poodle Grooming
    hey everyone, so my boy has had lots of sun exposure and he has a red twinge as well as some fried ends? I don't know what else to call it, looks like split ends. Anyways I'm looking for something to get rid of the red/brown from his black coat and also protect him from anymore sun damage. What...
  5. Poodle Grooming
    Hi All! I am new to this community and a relatively new doggie owner. We have 3 pure bred mini/toy poodles (weight ranges 10-14lbs). Sorry in advance for the long post and lots of questions! Rocky: He my handsome baby and is mixed black and white. Pepper: She’s a little diva with the cutest...
1-5 of 5 Results