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  1. Poodle Health
    Mr. PiBBs Apricot Mini poodle 🐩 I‘ve called them “poodle bumps” the little bumps he’s had never seemed to be much of an issue - Until now. I’ve been reading about sebaceous cysts on the Poodle forum, is that what this is (Photos Attached) on his back there is a large cluster that's...
  2. Senior Poodle Concerns & Care
    (TLDR at the end) Hello all, this might be a long post. I'm just here to get things off my chest, and hopefully some advice and encouragement. This isn't really breed specific, but I thought maybe someone here might have some experience taking care of an injured bedridden senior dog. It's...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello hello! My husband and I said goodbye to our last Standard in November and the holes in our hearts just keep getting bigger and bigger. Our next family member will be our 4th poodle. Our first, Trio, was with us from puppyhood, and then we adopted Luna and Albert when they were seniors...
1-3 of 3 Results