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  1. Poodle Food
    I’ve done some research and I think I want to continue feeding my puppy dry food for a while (same as the breeders) then gradually switch to my own choice of a dry and wet food mix. I don’t like the idea of feeding my pup the exact same food every day, is it a good idea to switch up my pups food...
  2. Poodle Food
    Hi everyone, I want to bring home a standard poodle puppy soon. Is there anyone who feeds their poodle raw? Any recommendations for good pet food in general?
  3. Poodle Food
    When we adopted her from the breeder she was eating Wellness complete health puppy- we fed our other poodles (when they were puppies) Merrick puppy (non grain free). We have had her on Merrick for almost a month now and the transition was fine and she hasn't had any upset stomach from it. But...
  4. Poodle Food
    I got my standard poodle puppy about a week ago. She is 13 weeks old now. The breeder was feeding her purina puppy chow, and gave me a small amount to feed her before I get her her own food. I went to several pet stores, and couldnt find purina puppy chow, so I bought some purina pro plan focus...
1-4 of 4 Results