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  1. puppies and furniture

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    Hi, I am doing some reorganising of my apartment. In particular I am trying to get more closed storage space and high places to keep things like shoes, cosmetics and houseplants out of reach of a curious puppy. I have been looking around for used furniture and there are a lot of really...
  2. Help please, your thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

    Piddle Place
    I wanted to reach out to you all please to get some feedback on the size of the Piddle Place. Our company is now delighted to be part of PetSafe, and still share the same mission, to remove the barriers to pet companionship. Can you please take a moment (ask your friends if needed) What would...
  3. Best indoor dog potty

    Piddle Place
    Greetings all I am so grateful to be part of the community. Thank you for allowing me to be here. I look forward to meeting you all, and learning more about our furry friends. Our product, Piddle Place Best Indoor Pet Potty is an indoor pet potty for times you can't be home or weather does...