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  1. Black poodle products?

    Poodle Grooming
    hey everyone, so my boy has had lots of sun exposure and he has a red twinge as well as some fried ends? I don't know what else to call it, looks like split ends. Anyways I'm looking for something to get rid of the red/brown from his black coat and also protect him from anymore sun damage. What...
  2. Price of a Standard Poodle

    Poodle Breeding
    Hi everyone, My partner and I are currently looking to introduce a Standard Poodle puppy in to our family and I just wanted to do a bit of research regarding the price of a pup. I understand that prices of these puppies have inflated recently due to Covid-19 so I was hoping someone could...
  3. Mini Poodle doesn’t really eat in the morning

    Poodle Talk
    Hello everyone, I have a 6 months old miniature poodle. Is it normal for him to not want to eat much in the morning? I put the bowl down, he eats a little bit and then he doesn’t anymore or sometimes he does come back to it. For his dinner it is a total different story. He’s very keen to eat...
  4. Please Pray for our Chanel

    Poodle Health
    3 weeks ago out little chanel ( 4 years of age ) chocked on a raw hide. She threw up bile 7 times then stopped. The next day ( Monday ) we scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian. She threw up bile later that day again but this time with small specs of blood. At the appointment Chanel...
  5. Miniature poodle breeders in BC or AB, Canada?

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    Hi guys! Ive been looking intently for reputable breeders either in BC or AB (canada) and have not been able to find one I'm 100% sure about. I'm looking to bring them home as soon as I possibly can! :) Thanks in advance
  6. Toy Poodles - AB, Canada

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my dogs. My kennel is TempleCity in AB, Canada, and we primarily raise and show Toy Poodles. Recently, I have dabbled in the Standard Poodle world and love them to pieces as well. Our goals are to raise the bar for health...
  7. Toy poodle breeder in my area?

    Poodle Talk
    Hello, im looking for a toy poodle breeder in TN or surrounding states. Colors preferred are silver, blue and black. Id like to find a breeder that has champions as well if possible. Thank you all!
  8. Looking for Black Toy Poodle to purchase

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    Hi- I am looking for a small black Toy poodle. I prefer a long snout and long legs (not teddy bear look). I live in Maryland and I am willing to travel for four hours. Thank you!
  9. New Poodle Puppy, New Member!

    Member Introductions
    Very excited to be a new member here. Excited to also announce that I will be getting a puppy from Arreau Standard Poodles! I am getting a male from the Naomi x Freedom litter. Waiting to hear which boy will be mine, I wish it was during happier times...but it is bringing me joy during all of...
  10. Is my runt mini poodle technically a toy?

    Poodle Talk
    I have been trying to find the answer to this question on the internet, but haven't had any luck. I have a mini poodle who happens to be really small for a mini poodle (I can barely get him to stay above 8 lbs, sometimes dipping down below). I know that both of his parents were AKC registered...
  11. Little Prince Charming

    Poodle Pictures
    Well I couldn't just groom Roxy without Grooming Mickey (Buoy) too.
  12. Red Riding Hood

    Poodle Pictures
    Mama groomed Roxy today, so the camera had to come out, to bad the sun didn't. This is daddy's little butterfly and the big hunter of the household. She has a pretty little Pixie face.
  13. What do you think of my new You Tube Channel?

    Poodle Talk
    Owwww. I've got my own You Tude Channel "Doodle Superstar." (Doodle The Poodle was taken by an imposter.) What do you think of my first two videos? www.youtube.com.doodlesuperstar
  14. Poodles and other dogs..

    Poodle Talk
    So as you all know I want a poodle. The other breed I wanted was an american akita. IF they grew up together would a poodle get along with an akita? I know that akitas by nature are a dominant breed, and two of them are enough to take down a bear. But they are also very very very loyal and...
  15. My new video on You Tube

    Poodle Talk
    Hey, I made it to You Tube. Please watch my new video. Thanks, Doodle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjS5ldNWYZ8
  16. Learned the Puppy Pro Cut Today!

    Poodle Pictures
    Bindi and I doing it up right! Getting ready for our next show, our first pro groom! Thanks, Ann! http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2290282300104491751FAitxo Pretty Face! http://pets.webshots.com/photo/2268576040104491751UQypNN
  17. Household cleaners for dog urine?

    General Off-Topic Chat
    I've learnt from lots of reading that you shouldn't used a urea-based cleaner on flooring after your dog has had an accident indoors, as the dog smells this and thus goes to the toilet there again, but what else can I use? Could anyone recommend supermarket(UK) based products that I can use to...
  18. my mini poo spuds!

    Poodle Pictures
    Haya! can someone just groom me?my forehead hit my master's red paint lols Haya! can someone just groom me? lols Give me the evil look. this is from a mobile phone no digicams in hand that time put me down man!! black mom white daddy.. wonder why his color is not solid.. I've seen...