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  1. Why does the AKC register merle poodles?

    Poodle Talk
    Hi all, I recently came upon a breeder selling merle poodles. She says her poodles are registered in the AKC and CKC. But merle isn't an option for poodle registration, is it? I took a look at the AKC registration papers for my poodle and Merle wasn't there. I know the same is true for CKC...
  2. Possible scammer?

    Poodle Breeding
    Has anyone used this website or is familiar with it? The breeder says they live in Washington, D.C. going back and fourth with him/her my husband and I became cautious Just because of the bad feeling we won’t use them but does anyone know anything about Billi Puppies for You the strange...
  3. Miniature poodle breeders in BC or AB, Canada?

    Poodle Breeder Directory
    Hi guys! Ive been looking intently for reputable breeders either in BC or AB (canada) and have not been able to find one I'm 100% sure about. I'm looking to bring them home as soon as I possibly can! :) Thanks in advance
  4. Toy Poodles - AB, Canada

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my dogs. My kennel is TempleCity in AB, Canada, and we primarily raise and show Toy Poodles. Recently, I have dabbled in the Standard Poodle world and love them to pieces as well. Our goals are to raise the bar for health...
  5. Wanting to show, need help.

    Poodle Talk
    Hello everyone, I am wanting a toy or miniature poodle and I don’t know where else to go. I’m wanting to do agility and obedience I have looked on the AKC website, have messaged the breeder referrals on said website and have messaged a couple of states poodle clubs. I am so terrified of...
  6. Anyone recommend a breeder for a toy or miniature puppy for our new dream dog? People dog wanted!

    Poodle Talk
    Hi All, I’d love to get a recommendation on some breeders for a toy or miniature poodle puppy? I’ve read up on some health issues that can accompany this particular breed and the most important qualities for my husband and I are health and temperament. The best dog I’ve ever had was a family...