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picky eater
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  1. Poodle Food
    Hi everyone, Sophie is a 13 month old standard poodle. For the last few months we've been trying out different types of food (dry, canned, homemade) because it seems like she gets bored or picky pretty quickly with her food. Right now it's Freshpet Select: Multi protein complete meal. In the...
  2. Poodle Talk
    Hi! My cookie is back at it again. The picky eater ghost has repossessed him. his eating was splendid until recently. He’s back at being picky. I’m blaming my mum who keeps on giving him human food scraps just because his eating has gotten better. And I’ve told her to stop that habit but oh...
  3. Poodle Food
    So basically my dog liked fish from the first day.She liked salmon oil and was never really into kibble so I usually added some fish (baltic sprats) to it. She was always happy to eat it. Than I switched her to cooked food. She was really into it (especially beef and chicken!).However one day...
1-3 of 3 Results