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  1. Photo Request: Smiling Poodles!

    Poodle Talk
    Please let me know if this isn't allowed/if this is the wrong place to post this! Unfortunately I don't have a dog of my own to share with y'all. Would anyone mind posting pics of their smiling, happy poodle? I think a dumb hang-up I have in my dog breed dilemma is that poodles seem so serious...
  2. Welcome to the January Photo Contest "Holiday Wishes"

    Brogan's Heroes
    We LOVE pictures of dogs doing nothing and everything! We are starting a themed photo contest so we can get to know your pups better. To get things rolling, for January’s Contest we’ll have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. • 1st Place will get to choose anything from our catalog. •...
  3. Monthly Photo Contest??

    Brogan's Heroes
    Hi Poodle Forum! We would like to start a monthly themed photo contest with free prizes for the winners. We would love to see pictures of your fur-babies!! I see that something like this had been started by Petguide.com but nothing has happened for awhile. Let us know if this is something that...
  4. Photo contest for dog lovers

    General Off-Topic Chat
    Hi guys, I organized photo contest for dog lovers around the world "Those amazing eyes..." that started on 14 Nov on Pets Area: http://pets-area.com/index.php?option=com_photos&view=contest&id=14 The winner will get $50 gift certificate for a collar or leash offered by DogCollarsBoutique.com...