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  1. Showing
    Hey y'all! I showed my first dog a few weeks ago without much experience, to try and get my foot into the sports door. To put it nicely, the judge let that be known. However, I'm gonna grow from it, and won't let one bad experience knock m down! I think there are 3 main things that I really...
  2. Showing
    I’m new to showing so I checked out the AKC requirements of structure. My puppy’s father is a Russian import show dog and she most resembles him (at least I think). I think her muzzle is alright and may grow out with age. Though I’m concerned her eyes are too round, or hopefully she’s always...
  3. Showing
    I'm thinking about showing with my future puppy and had read on someone else's thread that breeders aren't willing to just let anyone have a potential show pup and I was wondering how to get more involved in showing and anything that would give me experience to stand out to a breeder for a show...
1-3 of 3 Results