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  1. New member - meet Ivy

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    Hi all, First time poodle (and dog, in general) owner here! We recently adopted Ivy, a 14 week old standard poodle puppy. She’s doing well adjusting to our home and family. She loves playing with my kids, chewing her toys, learning for treats, and chasing leaves. She’s starting to like being...
  2. I'm adopting a mini poodle puppy :-) ADVICE PLS!!!

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    Hello all! So I will be adopting my first poodle puppy in a few weeks from West Coast Poodles. Have you heard of them? She will be a black mini/toy mix and will be my first puppy as I am a 22 yr. old college student so I am just a little nervous. I am looking for advise for a first time owner on...
  3. Beginier Questions from a New Owner of an almost 6 month old Standard Puppy -Kona

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    Hi everyone! I have wanted a standard poodle for the past 8 years! I would see one anywhere and stop what I am doing and run, even across the street, to meet the dog. I absolutley love them. After 4 years of trying and begging, and realizing that I wanted to 'rescue' vs. 'buy' a standard poodle...