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  1. Poodle Talk
    Hi All, After a year of searching for the right puppy and prices of dogs skyrocketing, I am contemplating getting a (pedigree) puppy from a non kennel club registered breeder. As far as questions go, I don't know where to begin and overwhelmed with anxiety, as of course, the...
  2. General Training and Obedience
    Hello!! I am (hopefully) bringing home a miniature poodle puppy in early December from the amazing Julie of Caralot Poodles. We are so excited and starting to do research on everything we will need to set up a great environment for him/her, as this is our first miniature poodle. The puppy will...
  3. Hey

    Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Jade and I have a female 1 year old apricot poodle named sadie. I got her august of 2020.
  4. Member Introductions
    Hello! Nice to meet everyone! My fiance and I are very interested in adopting our first miniature poodle puppy! A little bit about us: We have not owned a poodle but are VERY excited to bring one into our home! I grew up with an amazing Bichon (Teddy), who lived to be 14 and my fiance Chris...
  5. Poodle Talk
    Hello, I am Goosh, I live with my boyfriend in my boyfriends' parent's basement, it's like a pseudo mini apartment without some kitchen features. They have 3 dogs, a long hair Chihuahua a Shih Tzu of some sort, and an ex-breeder pure breed poodle. What I know about the poodle so far, he was a...
  6. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Hey everyone Still patiently waiting on my puppy šŸ˜­ I made a post a while ago about a breeder that I met through Facebook. For obvious reasons, I quickly cut ties with them and thought that I had since found a reputable breeder (btw, thank you everyone for all your advice and feedback!)...
  7. Poodle Talk
    To new and current puppy parents/fellow poodle owners, Iā€™m currently doing some research on how new puppy parents find advice on raising their puppy and how comfortable they feel doing this online. Iā€™d be really grateful if you could spend a few minutes answering the follow questions: Where...
1-7 of 7 Results