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  1. Poodle Food
    Good day to everyone :) I’ve been feeding cookie raw food for around 2.5 years now. He has been quite the picky eater. But recently cookie seems to want to eat kibbles again (although i’m not a fan of how bad his stool would smell afterwards). Whenever we go to our friends house, he would be so...
  2. Poodle Health
    This is an interesting article by Dr Jean Dodds that talks about tiny mites that get into foods, especially cereal foods, which kibble is. I find it intriguing and wonder if some of the kibbles my dog had a problem with weren't the kibble, or certain ingredients at all, but instead that that...
  3. Poodle Food
    Hi, my boy Ryan is about four months old. Recently I was planning to change his kibbles and the people in selling pet supplies suggested me this Pronature Holistic. After that I found out this is an adult kibbles. Is there any effect for him eating adult kibbles?
  4. Poodle Food
    Hi, Does anyone here their (toy) poodle Fromm kibble (salmon) and noticed any dental issues? Both of my toy poodles are eating this kibble (with the addition of steamed veggies/occasionally a little warm chicken broth/bit of boiled chicken which makes zero sense combined with salmon but they...
1-4 of 4 Results