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  1. Poodle Grooming
    I just got my little boy groomed. Got him his summer cut. But now he won't stop scratching. I've noticed this happening after almost every time we groom him and my husband usually gives him a bath with the shampoo we normally use and it helps. Could he be allergic to what the groomers are using...
  2. Poodle Health
    Hello everyone, I recently gotten a mini poodle and she is now 6 months old. She has been an absolute delight, which is what makes it that much harder watching her scratching and being in pain. She used to scratch occasionally when waking up but then would not for a while, our vet even removed...
  3. Poodle Grooming
    Hi everyone, I have a 3 yo standard red girl Joy, who seem to be tolerating any kind of bath routine really badly. After I bath / groom her, she is tired and would sleep for the rest of the day. After about 5-7 hrs she starts scratching and chewing on herself horribly, waking us up and she...
1-3 of 3 Results