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  1. Black poodle products?

    Poodle Grooming
    hey everyone, so my boy has had lots of sun exposure and he has a red twinge as well as some fried ends? I don't know what else to call it, looks like split ends. Anyways I'm looking for something to get rid of the red/brown from his black coat and also protect him from anymore sun damage. What...
  2. Diarrhea in Puppies with no Medical Issues?

    Poodle Breeding
    Hi guys, new here so I apologies if this is the wrong section to ask in. I'm new to breeding and just found wonderful homes for my second litter of puppies. My question is - both my first and this litter had Diarrhea. None of the puppies have shown other symptoms such a lethargy, sickness, etc...
  3. Please Pray for our Chanel

    Poodle Health
    3 weeks ago out little chanel ( 4 years of age ) chocked on a raw hide. She threw up bile 7 times then stopped. The next day ( Monday ) we scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian. She threw up bile later that day again but this time with small specs of blood. At the appointment Chanel...
  4. Found bird pls help

    Other Animals
    I found bird in my garden Cant really fly What do i do Leave outside = neighbours cat eat or red ants eat Please help Typing with one hand other hand is occupied by lil bird
  5. choking - advice needed

    Poodle Health
    Hi All, I just joined after finding a similar thread in regards to a dog choking. My 4 year old toy poodle absolutely loves lamb ear treats however this time she wallowed one a bit too early and started chocking 20 minutes after doing so. She threw up about 5 times ( mostly white foam though...
  6. Please help, my dog almost bit someone!

    Poodle Talk
    Hello, if you could offer and advice I would really appreciate it. I live with my two Standards a 6 year old and 2 and a half year old. Two years ago despite being in my early twenties I became unwell and now live life in a wheelchair. My youngest was not even one when I got poorly and I think...
  7. Puppy Biting

    General Training and Obedience
    We have a 9 1/2 week old standard poodle. She has been puppy biting a lot as puppies do but no method we have tried has helped stop her. We have tried acting like we’re hurt and yelping when she bites but she barks back. We tried redirecting her to one of her many toys. We also tried just...