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  1. Poodle Talk
    How does one tell the difference between a straighter haired Poodle and a Maltipoo? I’ve seen a few dogs that are claimed to be full Poodle (some even AKC registered), but that look very Maltipoo to me. So is there any for sure way to tell if a dog is Maltipoo vs Poodle? Besides DNA, of course.
  2. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Thank you so much for this forum! It’s a wealth of knowledge. I wanted to know if anyone had experience with Myra’s Toy puppies in Davie, Fl. Her manner is abrupt but she does know her stuff about dogs. Additionally I had one concern that her dogs hair was wavy not that curly. Is it because she...
  3. Poodle Talk
    I got a puppy a few months ago. She’s currently 5 months. She has wavy to curly hair when I got her. At 3.5 months she got curlier and longer hair and by 5 months her hair was so long I had to take her to get her first groom. It has been about a 2 weeks since her groom. Her curls are no longer...
  4. Showing
    Hello, So I’ve been doing some research and have read many different opinions when it comes to keeping the show poodles coat strong and long. Does any one have any tips or ideas as to how best to treat your dogs hair. Should I be brushing his coat daily? Is banding the hair necessary? Is there...
1-4 of 4 Results