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  1. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    So I did some digging and found the kennel my girls parents came from, and pictures of dogs she is related too, I'd like some opinions on these dogs, therefore her pedigree. They are toy and miniature poodles. Do they look badly bred or decent? Some pictures are of puppies/younger dogs and some...
  2. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    Hello looking for advice. I’m wanting a female for my fella. Tater is jet black Carries Ee, NN, Bb, DD, KB/KY, AY/AY, SS, rr, mm, hh, FF, TT, CC, I’m wanting a variety in color not just black puppies. Can I get input on what genetic markers I should look for in a partner for him? Thank you. He...
  3. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    Alright i have just scratched the surface of genetics and the colors they make and how they mix i was wondering what yaw can tell me and where i can go to learn more i love to read so throw as much as you want at me! Lol but i am so fascinated by everything :D
  4. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    I've recently purchased a new male for my small breeding stock as the last one fell through on health testing when he came of age. This new male while healthy has not been color tested - he is visually a Brindle with silver hairs around his ears and is grey on his muzzle possibly suggestion the...
  5. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    Hello! Can anybody tell me what the difference in the offspring of a red/white Parti poodle verses a Red Abstract poodle who carries parti would be? Would the Parti simply throw more white in it's puppies? I know genetics aren't really this simple, but just wondering if there is a...
1-5 of 5 Results