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  1. Looking for a quality kibble without too much legumes or potato

    Poodle Food
    Hi! Because of the FDA investigation, I've been trying to find good quality kibble that isn't grain free. Here in Finland though most dog food brands have either potato or sweet potato and legumes in the ingredient list. My mini poodle Louie is 2,5 years old and is allergic to chicken. He got...
  2. Economy and poodles

    Poodle Talk
    So how is the economical crisis effecting everyones ability to take care of their dogs? And if it continues to go in the downward spiral what will you do? And if you know of any money saving tips post them here aswell.
  3. Beginier Questions from a New Owner of an almost 6 month old Standard Puppy -Kona

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I have wanted a standard poodle for the past 8 years! I would see one anywhere and stop what I am doing and run, even across the street, to meet the dog. I absolutley love them. After 4 years of trying and begging, and realizing that I wanted to 'rescue' vs. 'buy' a standard poodle...