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  1. Poodle Food
    So basically my dog liked fish from the first day.She liked salmon oil and was never really into kibble so I usually added some fish (baltic sprats) to it. She was always happy to eat it. Than I switched her to cooked food. She was really into it (especially beef and chicken!).However one day...
  2. Poodle Food
    So basically I heard a samoyed breeder say she feeds her dogs with homecooked food, but she only uses salmon (no meat, just fish and I guess some kind of grain and veggies). Now, I'm curious, can dogs get too much vitamin D from all that fish? There's more vit D in a 100g of salmon than in the...
  3. Other Animals
    Okay, so for Christmas I got my mom a HUGE vase, its 1.5 gallons in the "bowl" part and then tapers into a narrow top. The vase at the widest part is about 11'' in diameter. My mom is the principal at a school and for her office I thought Id get her a beta to keep her company in her office. She...
1-3 of 3 Results