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  1. Poodle Food
    Hi everyone, Sophie is a 13 month old standard poodle. For the last few months we've been trying out different types of food (dry, canned, homemade) because it seems like she gets bored or picky pretty quickly with her food. Right now it's Freshpet Select: Multi protein complete meal. In the...
  2. Poodle Food
    Hi everyone, I want to bring home a standard poodle puppy soon. Is there anyone who feeds their poodle raw? Any recommendations for good pet food in general?
  3. Poodle Food
    Hi! I'm writing here because I really don't know what I should do. Three months ago I wanted to buy a mini poodle, the breeder assured me that I would get my puppy when it reached 2 months. A week before getting her he told me that my puppy is actually a toy poodle (i already paid for her) and...
1-3 of 3 Results