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  1. Poodle Exercise
    Murphy loves to play but he gets so bored with fetch? Any game ideas we have 8 acres of land for him to play! We just need ideas!! Thank you!
  2. Member Introductions
    Hi guys, new to this forum. Just got my first small dog (mini poodle) he is 10 weeks and 6lbs. He is learning very well and has his hyper days and calm days. He gets bursts of energy and I’m wondering the best way to exert this. I have a fairly big house and usually play fetch with a small ball...
  3. Brogan's Heroes
    Hello Poodles!! We are new to the site and wanted to introduce you to Brogan’s Heroes. See our banner at the top of the page for a Welcome Offer! We are two best friends, Jill and Courtney, with two dogs named Brogan. We were both engineers and decided that staying at home with our pups was...