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  1. Please Pray for our Chanel

    Poodle Health
    3 weeks ago out little chanel ( 4 years of age ) chocked on a raw hide. She threw up bile 7 times then stopped. The next day ( Monday ) we scheduled an appointment with our veterinarian. She threw up bile later that day again but this time with small specs of blood. At the appointment Chanel...
  2. Please help! My puppy suddenly have pus like discharge on the tip of his penis.

    Poodle Health
    Hello! this is so sudden. I don’t know what is happening. This never happened before. Not even this morning. Just now when we lay on the floor as i pet him, i saw this pus like discharge on tip of his penis!! What is this ? Should i rush him to vet immediately? This never happen before. And yes...
  3. Is it okay to starve puppy ?

    Poodle Talk
    Hello! My puppy all of sudden doesnt want to eat at all today. It’s almost 1pm now. He always have eating problem. Recently he doesn’t like his kibbles. At all. Sniffs and he will leave. I’ll hand feed him one kibble, he will put in his mouth but then spit it out. since his teething started...
  4. choking - advice needed

    Poodle Health
    Hi All, I just joined after finding a similar thread in regards to a dog choking. My 4 year old toy poodle absolutely loves lamb ear treats however this time she wallowed one a bit too early and started chocking 20 minutes after doing so. She threw up about 5 times ( mostly white foam though...
  5. Anyone using phytoplankton in place of Omega 3's for health?

    Poodle Health
    Interesting. Many people are now saying that Omega 3 fish oils may not be as beneficial as we once thought. And that because of easy rancidity, polluted oceans, etc. that actually going to the source that the fish feed on, but growing it in purified water rather than in the ocean we get pure...
  6. H3N8 the dog flu strikes again

    Poodle Talk
    In my collage speach class we start the day every day with news from pbs or bbc. Todays was the Dog Flu. apparently in Colorado the starts of what could be a pandemic. 26 dogs are already infected. This strain of dog flu is communicable from horses to dogs, and while humans and other animals...