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  1. Chronic diarrhea after switching food

    Poodle Food
    I got my standard poodle puppy about a week ago. She is 13 weeks old now. The breeder was feeding her purina puppy chow, and gave me a small amount to feed her before I get her her own food. I went to several pet stores, and couldnt find purina puppy chow, so I bought some purina pro plan focus...
  2. Yucky--is diarrhea beyond the control of the dog?

    Poodle Talk
    Hi guys-- Just brought home our new poodle four days ago, from his breeder. He's a year old, and why he was back there is a long story but not relevant. I did a stupid thing--changed the food he was getting to Abady, which is a great brand, I'm told, but I didn't do it slowly and the little...