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  1. Poodle Talk
    Do mixing colours in poodles (standard poodles) create problems with the coat? (e.g. hairless puppies when brown x red mating???) - I know redxbrown is frowned upon but just want to know if mixing them can lead to hairless puppies being born from that litter? Hope someone can give clear...
  2. Poodle Pictures
    Hey everyone! we are currently anxiously waiting for our pup to be old enough to come home with us, she’s a cream/apricot color.. I’m not entirely sure which she would fall under. Her mum is 3/4 chocolate toy poodle and dad is KC registered red toy poodle. Wondered if anyone could tell me if...
  3. Poodle Pictures
    :laugh: I know I know... this is a overdone topic... I just have one question; Does anyone out there own a Standard Red that is over 3 years old and has not faded? There is so much talk about bad blacks and non-fading browns that it just got me thinking...... I've seen some really nice...
1-3 of 3 Results