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    I’ve been researching a lot and talking to some breeders around the Ottawa region for a miniature poodle.. But when it comes to actually finalize I get over nervous and feel like I need to go back and do more research. This will be our first dog and we’re as excited as we are nervous. So I’m...
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    Hi everyone! I am very excited to be welcoming a sweet white standard poodle boy into my home this July. I’m from Calgary, AB in Canada and am getting him (Galileo? Charlie? Final name pending...) from seransil poodles. I’m a first time poodle owner and while I’ve done my research, I know I...
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    Hi guys! Ive been looking intently for reputable breeders either in BC or AB (canada) and have not been able to find one I'm 100% sure about. I'm looking to bring them home as soon as I possibly can! :) Thanks in advance