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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all! :) My name is Kaitlin, i'm 26 years old from Ontario Canada. I recently (August 2021) lost my 16 year old miniature poodle due to a broken pelvis from an at home accident; it traumatized me. I'm finally ready to get back into the breed after a year hiatus. I am wanting to venture into...
  2. Poodle Talk
    Hi! So I got a puppy and I would like to know your opinions because I have been told she is apricot.. cream.. also apricot red.. so I’m confused The last poodle that I had was pure white so I never had to check on that Please help :)
  3. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Hello! We are looking for an apricot female mini poodle for a pet around pittsburgh PA (or tristate area). This is going to sound silly, but we aren't looking for like the perfect show dog. We are just like poodles because they are smart and easy to train. So we are kind of looking for like...
  4. Genetics, Testing, & Breeding
    Hello I just recently started to look into getting a toy poodle puppy from a breeder I noticed something different with the one pup I have been looking really for a red or apricot coat and the one she had from this litter has a pink nose as the puppy is 15 days old now I believe she said I’m...
  5. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    I'm 28, living alone but looking to take my dog with me to work. I've always loved dogs. I had a dog as a child and was responsible enough to take care of it (with help!) including training her to sit, stay and to shake hands! I'm looking for a good temperament dog to become an emotional support...
  6. Poodle Talk
    My husband and I have been discussing getting a mini poodle for a long time and we just don't know where would be the best place to find one. I've been doing some research on how to find reputable breeders and what to look out for. However, some of the ones I initially thought were good...
1-7 of 7 Results