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  1. General Training and Obedience
    We have a 16-week old miniature poodle puppy (we brought him home at 8 weeks old!) I am so obsessed and in love with him 95% of the time but there’s the other 5% where I am just so frustrated! I hope this is a normal feeling! He’s fully potty trained, knows a million tricks, and is obedient...
  2. General Training and Obedience
    Hi all, I did a similar post to this a few weeks back but some time has passed now and I’m hoping for some more advice. We’ve had our Standard Poodle Puppy for nearly two weeks and she is barking and crying very loudly every time she is alone. I’ve tried to make the crate a lovely place for her...
  3. Poodle Talk
    Hi everyone, My partner and I have just got a new standard poodle puppy, she is beautiful! This is our third full day with her so this post may be a bit premature but I was hoping for some advice in regards to teaching her to be left alone as she is crying whenever we leave the room. She has...
  4. Poodle Talk
    Can someone help me, PLEASE? I have a 4 1/2 year toy poodle and for the past month or so every time we leave her (whether in the car for a few minutes or to gas up the vehicle or loose in the house when we're in the garage), she messes on the floor. I am at my wits end to know what to do about...
1-4 of 4 Results