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  1. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    Hello! I am looking for a toy poodle puppy and am currently residing in Las Vegas. I am willing to travel to neighboring states but preferably within driving distance (8ish hours max). So far in my research I have found Ash's Mystical Poodles and Sweet Misery Poodles...does anyone have any...
  2. Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder
    My daughter turns 9 next month and her biggest wish the past couple of months has been to have a puppy. Well, I am working from home now and kids are doing homeschool so now we are looking to grant her wish for her birthday! I am looking to adopt or rescue a mini or toy poodle in the South...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello hello! My husband and I said goodbye to our last Standard in November and the holes in our hearts just keep getting bigger and bigger. Our next family member will be our 4th poodle. Our first, Trio, was with us from puppyhood, and then we adopted Luna and Albert when they were seniors...
1-3 of 3 Results