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  1. Senior Poodle Concerns & Care
    (TLDR at the end) Hello all, this might be a long post. I'm just here to get things off my chest, and hopefully some advice and encouragement. This isn't really breed specific, but I thought maybe someone here might have some experience taking care of an injured bedridden senior dog. It's...
  2. Poodle Talk
    My puppy is turning 6 months this weekend, up until 2-3 weeks ago we only had 2 potty accidents and they were my fault, he also didn’t use the pee pads anymore and used them as a summer bed. Once he turned 5 months he suddenly started to hate his crate, he liked it before or didn’t mind at all...
  3. General Training and Obedience
    My dog is 3 years old and I got him around 2 years ago from a circle of abusers who didn't teach him anything right as a puppy. I was a first-time owner and realized that pads work better for me as I go to work and school during the day. His pads are in his puppy-proof room and I can swear he...
1-3 of 3 Results