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Delilah of Cheesecake Brook
poodle, female, standard parti
5+ years
parti, black and white
born Oct 15, 2015
Boston MA area
I got my dog in February 2016 from a kennel in New Jersey. She was four months old. Given the kennel owner's reticence to divulge much (other than her breeder's name her innoculations) and the ability to return my dog with full refund if it did not work out, she was a holiday present gone "bad". The kennel had her in separate cage next to a cage with several other dogs. When I drove back to Boston, she stayed in the back of my RAV4 and did not move. When I tried to pat her on the head, she ducked. My neighbor's wife gave her treats for a few years before the two of them "hit it off". My hunch it was a female because she would not "warm up" to any woman. Someone had abused her!
Loud or unique noises startle her. Her hearing is fantastic; she can hear in my house other dogs on the sidewalk (about 50 feet) and animals in the wood (about 100 feet or more).
I have had a male housemate for the past 2.5 years. She gets along with him well but he noticed that she gets nervous when he walks with her away from my house when I'm not home.
I installed a wireless door that allows her to go from the kitchen to the adjacent patio at will. Often I open a sliding door that allows her to roam within 100 feet of the house. She does not venture onto the busy road in front of my house.
I have used the Garmin Tri-tronics system to train her. I use a regular leash when in public, and have the electronic leash with me so she can be off-leash. She is friendly with other dogs and stays away from aggressive dogs.
She sleeps with me always and never has had an issue with making messes.
I have kept her current with all vaccinations. I take her to a local vet. I have scanned copies of everything if you want further proof. In conclusion, she makes a great "mother" for anyone who would like one of her puppies.


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