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  1. How do you teach pups to play together without play biting?

    General Training and Obedience
    I think you "got it". lol good luck with the pups. I'd really like a 2nd st poodle as a playmate. They really know how to play well with one another as their in the same mindset. Maybe one day Renn isn't quite trained to the point I want but we are getting there. If I do take in a second it...
  2. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Poodleforum.com Technical Support and Feedback
    Its actually getting better jojo, stick around.
  3. Dax

    Other Animals
    Rens problem is that he just not see enough children and even at 10 weeks he would bark at them, not to be mean or anything but because he wanted to get to them to jump on them and play but it scared the parents & the kids. He was such a mouthy puppy I also didn't want him biting at children...
  4. Update on Beatrice

    Poodle Talk
    I am happy to hear that Be a is still going well and is happy and content with life as it is. I hope this continues .
  5. How do you teach pups to play together without play biting?

    General Training and Obedience
    I think your just allowing them to get over stimulated. My dog is mouthy its how he plays, so are my neighbors poodles, they play the same way. Anytime we see one getting over stimulated we just clap, getting the dogs attention and say enough. Renn and our boxer play, the boxer does not mouth...
  6. Possible No Fly for Emotional Support Pets

    General Off-Topic Chat
    I agree I think a "emotional support dog" should have to pass a test and be certified. Without that people take advantage and in the end hurt those who need it. Thankyou for the comments on my daughter. She is an adult, lives at home.
  7. Tea cup poodle

    Poodle Health
    I think if its something that continues its not "something that just happens". I would more than likely seek the advise of another vet as there are medications that can ease or for the most part eliminate seizures. I would video what you believe to be a seizure to be sure it is one as dogs do...
  8. Female VS Male DogsšŸ¤”

    General Off-Topic Chat
    Well I've had both male and females dogs. I haven't seen much of a difference other than females to me seem a bit more independent where males seem to look for more guidance. I also have found it quicker to house train a male. But they I guess it could just vary from dog to dog and breed to...
  9. Sisko's Progress BlogšŸ©

    General Training and Obedience
    Yay Sisko! Good job.
  10. Dax

    Other Animals
    Aww love hearing your story. I've not owned a aussie but my niece has a few and my brother has had border collies the past 20 years or so. He also has cows so they are working dogs. Very smart breeds. And like our poodles very active especially those first two years . I think it really takes...
  11. Incident at a trial

    Performance (Agility, Obedience, Hunting)
    I am sorry that happened to you and Misha. I can picture the scene...terriers can be really weird at times. I have a cairn and she is sweet as can be but don't get in her area, which happens to be anywhere she pleases. LOL Poor Renn will walk out and she will block his path only because she...
  12. Encouraging coat growth

    Poodle Grooming
    Sorry I have never heard or used a product like that but it sounds interesting. My guy grows his fur really fast, in 3-4 weeks he looks like I didn't have him groomed just 3 weeks prior. LOL
  13. Ear Matting - A Warning To Other New Poodle Owners

    Poodle Health
    Renn went thru the same thing but the hair on his ears is pretty thick, I do have to comb them everyday and kinda line brush too. I have my groomer keep them on the shorter side, His are not silky like my neighbors poodles ears but thick thick.
  14. Licky Mat

    Poodle Talk
    That is the same ones I bought.
  15. Licky Mat

    Poodle Talk
    OK here is the link https://www.amazon.com/Hyper-Pet-Boredom-Calming-Companion/dp/B07BJ9HVLG/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=lickimat&qid=1579998869&sr=8-1
  16. Licky Mat

    Poodle Talk
    Well I saw this while browsing on Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Had to test it out this morning so I spread some plain yogurt on it and Renn just stood there and licked and licked. I may like this and will do a better job of spreading something on it to occupy him when I cannot.
  17. 52 weeks of Lacey Rose

    52 Weeks of Your Poodle
    Aww such a cuddle bug! and so cute!
  18. 52 Weeks of Sisko

    Poodle Pictures
    Glad you started a thread for Sisko. He certainly is a cute guy.
  19. Proud Poodle Owner

    Member Introductions
    WiilB..Welcome to the forum. What a beautiful pup you have. You know there was a person awhile back looking for a service dog to help with some mobility and the discussion here basically said that a standard was not quite strong enough for her needs. I believe the person was looking for an...
  20. Where do you leave your poodle when you travel? Thoughts on traveling with your poodle...

    Poodle Talk
    How awful that your petsitter didn't show up. I can assure you not all petsitters are bad. I even go extra times and my neighbor who also pet sits does too. If I notice any odd behavior I notify my client, and I send text reports and pictures every so often especially the first few days.
1-20 of 493 Results