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  • Jannie ·
    Hi Todd

    I had an experience that scared me. I was at a small private lake and all of a sudden my toy poodle Diva jumped in. I did not know poodles could swim and thought she had fell in. I panicked and was going to jump in this bottomless pond when she paddled back. Then she jumped in and paddled further out and I panicked and was going to risk my life as she was going out further. There was all kind of algae. She responded and paddled back. I had no idea poodles swam...I could have lost my life but it was well worth it.....now taking her to clean pond to swim!
    marik.gomez ·
    Hi Todd,

    I found one of your posts on a question about minis being good for jogging and you said you know a breeder in Sacramento. I'm in the area and was wondering if you could share their info with me. Thanks!
    bigredpoodle ·
    So this forum is really mean spirited towards this Bijou lady i have been emailed in private by another member being blasted for partaking in the thread. She felt as though i was promoting the Bijou dogs. Is this what this form was meant to do ?
    What is up with this ?
    SusanG ·
    Hello, thanks for the welcome. I discovered this site by accident. I raised white mini's several years ago. Due to work restrictions, I have been dogless too long. Now that I'm retired, I'm looking for a female apricot or red mini and have been unable to find any reputable breeders within a few hundred miles of home (upstate NY, near Saratoga Springs). How do I go about finding a wonderful dog to keep us company while we travel in our new camper, and to be part of the family at home?
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