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  • ArreauStandardPoodle ·
    Hi there...I posted in the technical area and had hoped you would see it. I have been unable to post photos for a number of weeks. I keep getting a message there is a security token missing. Can you help me please?
    Puppy Love ·
    Hello. I have a thread I started that I would very much like to remove. Is it possible to do so? Thank you for your time.

    Mfmst ·
    Could you make Click-N-Treat's Selecting a Service Dog, a sticky. Very useful thread. Thanks in advance.
    Lori G ·
    It seems I'm having a problem sending PMs to other members. I've sent a couple in the last few days but they don't show up in my sent file, and I don't get a reply. I'll see if this goes thru.

    Brogan's Heroes ·
    Hi Sheriff! We wanted to see if the site would like to start a monthly photo contest with the winners receiving free gifts from Brogan's Heroes. Please let us know if you would be interested.
    Mfmst ·
    I wish to second fjm's request to do something about the spam. It is extremely annoying to Forum members. Please report what efforts are being made to address the issue.
    fjm ·
    Please, please talk to the forum development team about setting up better spam blocking - you must be as fed up with deleting spam posts as we are with reporting them! A check that new members are humans - whether by an email and response or a captcha or a q&a - is normal practice for most groups and forums, and would go a long way to reducing the problem. Removing spambot "members" from the list of member names would also make it much easier to find reak members.
    Really hoping you can do something about this
    Dechi ·
    Hello Admin,

    I have an issue I need help with. There was another post on the same subject and I did what was suggested, but it didn't work.

    Instead of my picture appearing, it says sigpic. I am using an Ipad.

    Can you help me ?

    Thanks !
    TrixieTreasure ·
    Hi~ I asked this on the forum and someone suggested that I talk to you about it. Is there any way that I can change my name? I didn't think about it when I first signed up, but I really would like to have my screen name as TrixieTreasure ( after my Poodle), instead of my own name ( Kathy Ann). If it can't be done, that's fine. I just thought I would ask. Also, if it CAN be done, would I have to start over as a new poster, or could I just continue on as a Senior Member, but just have my name changed? If I have to start over as a new member, then I probably would rather not do it. Thanks for helping me with this.
    [email protected] ·
    Hi: I'm trying to do the 52 weeks of Hamilton's Back Flip...I've already posted two threads under this title because I can't figure out how to make it a multi thread post. Help! Thanks for you help!!
    Marsy ·
    Our hearts are healing enough to be ready to welcome another standard girl into our home and into our hearts up to 36 months. We live in Port Coquitlam. Please let me know of any little girls who are in need of a forever home. She will be walked, loved and cared for like a princess. Please send me a message. — feeling hopeful.
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