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  • Muddy Mutts ·
    Hi again,
    I was only allowed to write so much so had to split into two emails.
    I also have a black miniature poodle called poppy who is 11 months and I have started agility with her, she is very sharp and clever and is fantastic at agility already! I am in close contact with her breeder as I clip their poodles so if you fancy a miniature, get intouch and I'll give you their details. I am a dog groomer by trade so if you wanna have a look I am on Face book. Muddy Mutts grooming.
    Good luck and if you manage to get hold of George tell him I want my papers!!
    Take care
    Muddy Mutts ·
    Hi Leooonie,
    I've been trying to get in touch with you re GEORGE GOLD!!
    I think he's a conn man?
    He sold me the sister of the puppy he has offered you in August last year. I paid £600 pounds for her and he promised papers, Pedigree and kennel club reg. I have had none!! He wont answer my calls or texts and when I went to collect Truffle there were at least 20 puppies locked in a horse trailor with no windows. When I got Truffle home ( could hardly leave her there) she had severe runs with blood in and it turns out he had no mains water and all the puppies had bugs. He wont even tell me Truffles date of birth but I got her in August last year so I suspect she was under age to be homed if the puppy he offered you is 10 months? Dont know about the 18month old but I would beware of him. Truffle is gorgeous and I love her to bits but I suspect she was bred for money rather than brains, but we will see?
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