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Originally Posted by Cdnjennga View Post
According to Parti Poodle World:

Partis and Phantoms are not the only multi-colored Poodles in existence. While the exact history of these other colors are not known, these colors are not new or recent either. Brindles in particular have existed since at least the 1950's. Sables are another color in which the inheritance and history is not quite known as of yet. The Sable pattern isn't as noticeable when a Poodle is cut short. But when the hair is left long, the bi-coloring is much more obvious. The hair at the base is one color and along its length it changes colors usually with brown or black tips.

I am sorry I just looked through this thread again LMAO God did not create dog breeds humans did. God created wolves and whe changed them.

Anyways Cdnjennga

What happen to the brindles prior to 1950's? 1950 is not that long ago. This makes me still believe brindles were added from other breeds. If you could find more info about brindles early one then I will believe this color to be orginal. I have old poodle books and they never mention brindles but then again these books are written by people who are breeding solid dogs so you know some history is left out.

This same issue has happen with american pit bulls all of the sudden people started to have merles dogs out of no where. Of course these same breeders with merles where BYB and trying to make a quick buck. Both UKC and ADBA do not except the color merle to be registered any more since it brought up such Controversy. Merle is dominant and it would have been know since day one apbt came in merle. All of the merle pits emerged in the early 90's
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