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Originally Posted by thestars View Post
Their Rears look high up because she shot them on a hill with their front going down hill. I know because I have done the same type of photo shoot. Not appealing for anything with length like dogs and horses. It's always best to shoot them going up hill.

As for the colors and size, god made them so enjoy them. Unfortunately breeders used to kill the "ugly" or "non-conforming" to their standard pup. Now people can enjoy all of gods creations.
Several pictures were taken on a flat surface when they are not moving, and their rears continue to be high, so I don't understand how them walking down hill has anything to do with it. Everyone is welcome to interpret their photos in whatever manner they like, that's how I see them.

And breeders(not all, most spay/neuter and put in pet homes) continue to cull non-conforming pups from ALL breeds. I don't think it is right, but I also don't think it's right to try and breed larger because of the health problems that can arise. If we didn't have a breed standard, we wouldn't have a breed.

I don't care about the color of the dog, because we all have different taste. What I find unattractive another may love. I like parti's, but I don't like the other multi-colors. I said nothing about culling, I just said I would not want to own a poodle with those markings because *I* don't like the way it looks. I just don't like people breeding for just color, size, or both. Many people are doing just that whether it be parti's, teacups, or royals. I would rather have a healthy poodle, not a poodle bought solely on the color or size.

IMHO the site mentioned earlier is breeding royals, which I don't agree with. Purposefully breeding bigger seems risky, regardless of what colors they choose to breed.

I also have no problem with partis, phantoms, sables, brindles, etc. I do have a problem with people who breed these colors with no regard towards the health of the dog and the breed standard.
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