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Originally Posted by thestars View Post
As for the colors and size, god made them so enjoy them. Unfortunately breeders used to kill the "ugly" or "non-conforming" to their standard pup. Now people can enjoy all of gods creations.
Sure you could say that. I don't agree with killing pups that don't conform. But I do think they should be taken out of any breeding program and speutered as pets!

Off topic: Our first Portuguese Water Dog was a terrible physical specimen! Well, I thought he was handsome, but he didn't really look like his breed. He was high in the rear, too tall, had a tail with a bizzare pigs curl at the end, yellow eyes... I could go on. The first year we were at the specialty, someone pointed at him and said "that looks nothing like what a PWD should look like." Were we mildly insulted? Sure. But as we learned more about what a PWD should look like, we agreed. That didn't stop him from being a fantastic pet or the dog that will always hold a special place in my heart. It's a good thing we neutered him though, because we did not need to be carrying on his genes.
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