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Originally Posted by aki View Post
I'm going to have to agree...I mean the poodles on that site posted earlier are extremely big! 29 inches is really huge! Not to mention they look a bit off balance because their rears are so high up!

Some of them look very interesting but I would rather not sacrifice the quality of the dog for the color or pattern.


Further perusing of their site reveals they are breeding "royals" *rolls eyes*

Their Rears look high up because she shot them on a hill with their front going down hill. I know because I have done the same type of photo shoot. Not appealing for anything with length like dogs and horses. It's always best to shoot them going up hill.

As for the colors and size, god made them so enjoy them. Unfortunately breeders used to kill the "ugly" or "non-conforming" to their standard pup. Now people can enjoy all of gods creations.
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