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Originally Posted by Dogs4Life View Post
Some people switch foods often for nutritional reasons- not all dry dog foods are created equal. Definitely go by the ingredient list and information of the food analysis rather than price because the more expensive foods aren't always the best (especially the ones loaded with peas and lentils as primary ingredients).

I like sticking to one brand and switching the proteins. I also add in some homecooked items like hamburger, chicken, turkey, and my dogs also get some boiled egg. Sometimes they get that with the food and sometimes alone, but they don't get it all the time because the dry food is their main source of food.

You have a lot of options. You could continue with the food toppers and stick with one brand, or switch out brands every now and again, and maybe try free feeding again. Or just stick with your current schedule and your dog will eat when hungry. I would just say remember to do research on the food you are using and never feed dogs from your plate or from the table- that leads to begging.
Thanks. I've been thinking of switching anyway, since his food matches the profile of the foods the FDA is warning about - grain-free with peas, chickpeas, potato, etc. I don't want to go back to free-feeding because we're going to be getting a puppy in the not-so-distant future and they will need to have different food for a while.

Honestly I like the idea of feeding the dogs whatever it is that we're eating, but sometimes we go out to eat, or just have a sandwich, and I'm not going to cook specifically for the dogs. So I want to keep the kibble in the mix for the sake of convenience. Maybe I'll go back to mixing in some cooked food, like chicken, ground beef, broth, etc, with his kibble to make it more appetizing for him. My dad used to melt a little butter and pour it on the dog's food when I was little. Maybe it's not very healthy but the dog sure loved it
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