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You could see if Wahl will give you your money back. They are very good that way...a good company to work with. I got my 2nd Wahl mini Arco a little over a year ago...I think. I think the warranty was past. I called, whining that it won't hold a charge and in fact, even with it plugged in it had stopped working. It wasn't very old and I felt that it wasn't right regardless of the warranty. (I don't think much of this particular clipper anymore but love my Chromado) They sent me a shipping label and said they'd fix it. Well...instead of fixing it, they just sent me a new one. I don't know...if you tell them it isn't right for you, maybe they'd refund you or replace with something else. (?) That is, if no one buys it from you...if that's your preferred way.
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