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Originally Posted by scooterscout99 View Post
Here in IL, Ill like snow more when I dont have to work. Though the generous telework rules reduce the need for early morning shoveling or driving on bad roadways. My dogs love the snow, even a dusting. Weve had a few storms here but they tend to vary in intensity and weve not had much, about a foot total. Not many snow photos but some really cool freezing fog pics from an early training morning at my club.

My niece is in Bellevue, WA and had to run out for snow clothes for her toddler last week. Everything looks really pretty out there with the cover of white.
I grew up in Bellevue. It's a lot different now. I think I heard Bellevue got quite a bit of snow. But not so much as where I am. Yikes. Highly unusual.

Interesting pictures! That's frozen fog? or dew? Very cool!You've sure had a lion's share of weather this winter. My niece (one of several) lives in Chicago and came to visit my daughter, her special cousin...and then they came to visit me up north of Seattle. She left on that Thursday after the whole Chicago practically was shut down...50 below...crazy...the big storm on Wednesday. We were surprised her flight wasn't cancelled because most were. That was scary.
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