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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Well, I've only changed his food once after we got him - we just thought he didn't want to eat much. We only changed his food because we thought it was better quality, and then when we saw him start to eat more, we realized he probably just didn't like his old food. Now he's back to eating minimal amounts of the new food unless I mix something in with it. He's an 8-pound dog and only eats about 60g (1/2 cup?) of kibble on a good day.

If you’re going to stick with kibble... This might sound totally weird but try this: mix some lukewarm water in with the kibble so it becomes “soupy”. I’ve known many dogs where this did the trick!

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I always add a little water in with their food. Here are some good reasons for that:

I look for foods without peas, legumes even though a little would be okay. Since they don't say how much I steer clear and look for foods that list the percentage of protein from meat to be 85% or 95%. I switch around different brands a little bit in case some horrible thing is discovered about one, as that is the case often enough. I like Victor in the blue bag that has no pea protein but lots of meat. I think it has taurine in it too. Like that. Then I'll get a few cans of Merrick...the ones that say 96% protein from meat and no peas or legumes. I don't care if there's grain or not. That does not appear to be the culprit in DCM so far as the studies are showing. The common factor is looking to be pea/legume protein as a main ingredient for the protein. They don't need grain but I brush their teeth so I don't worry too much. I just don't want to see too much in there...looks like it may be what causes arthritis and tooth decay. (according to archaeologist's studies...long story) Anyhow, I put in just a little canned...few tsps to make a soupy, goopy slop with the water and the dogs love all that meaty goodness. I use to feed raw but one of my dogs seems to do better digestively with this. Plus, I got too busy...too much on my plate and that was too labor intensive for me. And I've just stayed with this for now. My dogs seem to do well on it.

Another thing that you can do is sprinkle a wee bit of Parmesan cheese on the food. That stuff is smelly and tasty. All you need is a teensy bit. I like my dogs to enjoy their food so if they don't like something, I will try to find something they do like. Plus, it might be that it's rancid as was mentioned. You can put kibble in zip lock freezer bags and freeze it in smaller helps preserve it better. Or keep in an air tight container. But every time you open it, it lets air in which can cause oxidization and rancidity. Good luck.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I've been adding a small amount of wet food to the kibble - alternating between canned dog food, pumpkin puree, and plain yogurt to keep things interesting. If I cook any ground meat for ourselves, I'll set some of that aside as a mixer as well. I've also started adding a bit of water to the kibble, and then I warm the whole mixture for 10-15 seconds in the microwave. He seems to like it!
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