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Originally Posted by joey1967 View Post
At what age did you take your puppy off your property. I'm reading breeders who are almost all in agreement that 16 weeks is optimal unless parvo is in the area?
The safest is after once the puppy has had all of it's vaccinations. Before that, the pup can go for car rides, or if you hold onto him outside. But personally, I wouldn't take the pup where other dogs have been until you know that he's fully vaccinated. You just never know what other dogs could have. Parvo can be picked up really easy, so don't risk it. Having him out in your own yard is probably okay unless you live in an area where there are rodents around, raccoons, or coyotes, etc. Your puppy will have a lifetime of being outside, so if you're unsure, then it's best not to risk it.

My motto is, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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