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Originally Posted by Critterluvr View Post
Well that is your choice and you are entitled to it.

I did a lot of of research when I decided to feed kibble in addition to raw. I went on to raw feeding forums to see what others were doing and the general consensus was definitely not to feed the two together. I then researched the reason behind this and it just made good sense to me, they are both digested at totally different rates. As I like to err on the side of caution I decided not to mix the two. Also, a lot of premade raw has the bones included.
Oh trust me, I've done research. I fed homemade raw and was very *anti kibble* for a multiple years. . I was also a big poster on the raw forums which im sure you've ventured to.

Yes, premade raw has bones, however, they have been ground. Whole bones are more difficult and take longer to digest.

That said, it certainly isnt harmful at all to separate kibble from raw.

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