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I'm calmer now. It's very.... scary... when you can't trust whether the advice your doctors are giving you is safe or even makes sense. You have no idea who many practices I had to call to find just safer options for Ginger and also my parrot.

They give lame excuses. It changes from visit to visit, doctor to doctor or even the same doctor and the same visit. At the same exact practice. The dog might fidget. We might not get the whole cell wall. But they run really deep. And when really pressed: It's not our policy.

So my insisting that I'm not comfortable with their offered advice isn't sufficient to bring about any action. I can hardly think it's due to potential law suits when their advice is more dangerous than the procedure that I feel comfortable with.

We'll have to drive an hour or so but it's priceless for a safer option. Ginger isn't replaceable. Neither is my bird.

I became a dog trainer to make informed decisions. I can't go to veterinary school too and there's only so much I can research on my own.

Is anyone else running into such bad luck with vets?
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Why do the cysts have to be removed? Pepper has one on her rear, it's been there for years. Periodically it gets big and drains, then goes back to being small. It's never bothered her and never caused any trouble. Although last time it did get infected after draining, but healed up within a couple days of treatment. If they don't bother her and aren't harming anything, I say leave them. And I hear you on the this point I rely on them for vaccines, blood work, etc. and the rest I am very cautious about. I do a lot of research before trusting them. I also say no a lot! Although I do have access to a couple very good ones here, and I'm very thankful for them!

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OMgosh yes! I had a pug that ripped off a toenail. The vet insisted it was infected to the bone and the ONLY way to fix it was to amputate. I believed him. I had researched a lot about anesthesia and I knew with pugs giving any kind of pre-anesthetic drug is a huge no no, especially ace. So I told the vet he under no circumstances were they to use Ace. I wanted her masked down with isoflourene (sp?) only. Then I told the vet tech the same thing. I drove home and called them to AGAIN stress my wishes. A few hours later I called to see how she did. The vet said her heart had stopped in surgery and they had to do CPR to bring her back! I asked if they gave her Ace...."yes" he said. He said he had never heard that it was dangerous to pugs and thought I was over reacting! The ONLY thing that was positive was that he never got a chance to amputate her toe, which by the way, healed just fine with antibiotics.
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I was very upset at my former vet with the way the last few days of my Aussie's life went. I did a ton of research and found a great vet. When I went the platelet scare she called me on a Sunday night to give me an update and her charges were very reasonable. I wish I could clone her and send a copy msminnamouse. I do think I would leave the cysts alone except for non invasive things like tree oil and warm compresses unless they are bothering your dog.
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When I had birds they contracted giardia. I took them in to the vet and had them on metro and probiotics for two weeks.. Still had giardia. Then we did panacur and probiotics.. Still had giardia.. Did this back and forth.. I was the naive he's the vet and knows best. Well regular vet was absent and the vet sub suggested metro and panacur and probiotic.. So I did and I lost my beautiful, sweet, handfed Rosy Bourke. I was devastated it didnt occur to me we OD'd him, I thought we just lost the good fight. Not till later and I vowed never to completely trust a vet's word so easily ever again! It's hard to find a good vet and one has to do their own research to do the best for their babies.

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